Amanda Seyfried is reviewing her first career in the industry with one easy question "Are you kidding me?"  "Dropout" Emmy nominee "Dropout" star made her debut on screen as a teenager

"As  the World Turns" before becoming a part of "All My Children" and  finally breaking into the"Mean Girls" in 2004 "Mean Girls" plus  appearing in "Veronica Mars" both at the age of 19

When Seyfried stated in Porter publication that she emerged from the pre-#MeToo age in Hollywood "pretty  unscathed," she was open about having to endure uncomfortable situations

"Being 19 and and walking about with my underwear off I was as if you're kidding me? What made that occur?" Seyfried explained.

"Oh I know the reason I was 19 years old as I was not wanting be a nuisance to anyone. I wanted to stay in working. That's why."

In the spring of this year, Seyfried in the past, Seyfried revealed to Marie Claire in an article on the cover the fact

she " always felt really grossed out" by male "Mean Girls" fans quoting the joke of her character being able to tell the weather simply by kissing her breasts

She spoke of children's stardom today "I think that being famous and young is be a fucking mess. It makes you feel very uneasy within the world.

I have seen young actors who believe they need to be secure. They believe they must employ an assistant. They believe their globe has changed.

the  latest role that was more healthy and enjoyable Seyfried was able to  find "devastating" to miss out on was the role of Glinda on Jon M. Chu's  "Wicked" musical adaptation