Christine Quinn is reportedly closing the door to "Selling Sunset."  The luxury real estate agent will not going to return for the seasons six and seven 

She is not coming for  hit Netflix Reality show according to several reports . The name of the Reality show is " Selling Sunset "

TMZ became the first news outlet to announce the announcement of Christine's exile from the show. The show was able to begin production on the new season in July.

In  the month of May Christine informed Access Hollywood that she had ended  her agreement with Oppenheim Group when she started her own  crypto-based real property company,

Christine was a favorite of fans for the show "Selling Sunset" since Season 1  began in the year 2019. providing tension to Oppenheim Group

In  the final episode of Season 5 of the show, the co-star Emma Hernan  accused the 33-year-old of allegedly bribing her client with $5,000 to  cease work with her.

Christine was adamantly against the accusations when she spoke to Access during May   Christine Quinn is a all time famous

She told - "I  have absolutely never in my life bribed a client ... if I was...I  certainly wouldn't do it for only $5,000," she stated to Access that  time.

The reality star also opted out of this year's Season 5 reunion after contracting Covid-19. Many viewers accused her of lying about her positive test results

however, she denied that rumor when speaking to Access in May  she didn't officially announce when she would be leaving the show 

Back in May, Christine told Access Hollywood that she terminated her  contract with the Oppenheim Group when she started her new crypto real  estate venture