Cincinnati bar shootings leave at least 9 injured  The massacre within Cincinnati, Ohio early Sunday morning has left nine injured according to police.

The shooting occurred in front of a bar in the Over-the   Rhine neighborhood, about 1:45 a.m.  . WLWT they've never seen such a large police presence in the area 

Lt. Colonel  Mike John confirmed there had been an active shooter in the area , and  that numerous shot were fired in the area, FOX 19 reported

Nine people were injured during the shooting but none of them is in critical condition.  multiple people running inside to seek cover and safety.

   Ohio Shooter who is believed to have killed 4 HAS been arrested for a manhunt Police say    among the people seeking cover inside The Hub was a wedding party.

A  police officer fired a single shot at the suspect before they left the  scene, however it is not clear if the shooter was wounded.

As of the time this article was written, there were none of the suspects being held at 5 a.m. ET Sunday. Police say they believe that there was only one shooter , but they are unable to confirm this.

"Seen people running, but it was just a melee," one witness reported to FOX 19 on Wednesday. "Chaos. I actually saw the police walking down the street,

Police are trying to locate the person who they were seeking."  Police shut down Main Street at the intersection of Liberty Street and multiple other streets in the vicinity were shut off.

Another shooting occurred at an area known as the Central Business District, where at least two persons were wounded

John said that it's not known if these two shootings are related   OTR bar owner recounts moments people sought shelter during overnight shooting