When we think about Sports our country, the United States, one thing that pops into our minds is Baseball. But now,  there are many things that make cricket hot sometimes.

For all readers of this article The story of cricket in US is as old as around the year 1883. The USA has been playing cricket since the very beginning

According to the diary of William Byrd, the game of cricket began by the American in 1709, which was a bit early

cricket was growing in popularity as a recreation sport, and after America getting its independence in 1783 things increased

Through the New England period the popular sport evolved and was named wicket and played up until the 1800s.

Within the United States, cricket enjoyed its popularity, particularly at Philadelphia in the city of Philadelphia and New York.

The first the first official cricket club of American cricket was founded by students from Haverford College.

the Philadelphia cricket club formed in 1854. Then came in 1855, the Germantown as well as Young America in 1855.

Merion Cricket Club was founded in 1865 and was focused on developing cricket While people didn't give cricket much importance, the colleges maintained it

The colleges would later establish the Intercollegiate Cricket Association that lasted until 1924. In terms of American cricket's the past, Philadelphia will always be among the top of the list.

One  bright spot in the midst dark is the fact that the USA is in the  process of hosting the premier cricket league, which is similar to  baseball.