This guide will provide an overview of the most commonly used US dependent visas including immigrant and nonimmigrant,

in  order to assist you and your loved ones who reside in the US consider  the possibilities that could be available for you in order to accompany  them or join them in the United States

We  will look at the various kinds of visas available to dependants as well  as how long they will last, what types they allow and who are eligible  to apply.

We  also examine the process and timeframes that are involved, even though  you may be able visit friends and relatives without visas.

There are two kinds of US dependent visas:  immigrant  and nonimmigrant.

What are the various types of US dependent visas?

What are the various types of US dependent visas? 

Immigrant visas are for family members who want to establish themselves in the United States permanently

Immigrant visas

Immigrant visas 

nonimmigrant  visa is intended for those who wish at traveling to US for a short time  for instance, to accompany or join your parent or spouse who is working  or studying in the US

In  some instances you might be able to apply for what's generally referred  to as a derivative visa in which you seek permission to enter the US in  connection with your connection to the primary Visa applicant

A temporary visa the derivative visa falls under the category of nonimmigrant. It could for instance, the dependent child or spouse or dependent child of one of the Treaty E1 trader or an E2 treaty investor

In other instances you could be seeking nonimmigrant visas in your own name for example, the B2 visa for a visit that is designed meant to visit relatives and friends in the United States.

In  order to obtain immigrants and US dependent visas you'll have the  sponsorship of an US resident or in the case of some, an illegal  permanent resident.