If  you're marrying an US citizen It is important to know the implications  in terms of your immigration status if wish to reside together with the  spouse in America. USA.

The spouses who are not US citizens of US citizens cannot gain US legal rights or status by marriage. You'll need to submit the necessary applications

show  that you satisfy certain stringent requirements to make you qualified  for a green card and, ultimately, US citizenship following wedding to an  U.S. citizen

The procedure to become a citizen after the marriage of an US citizen is basically in two components.  It is first necessary to apply to become a legal US permanent resident

It is necessary to hold an Green Card for three years before you are able to apply to become an US citizen, as spouse.

Green applications for spouses don't generally come with long waiting or processing time as other categories of permanent residence.

Spouses are considered  to be "immediate relatives' according to US regulations on immigration.

They are not restricted in the amount of green cards that may be issued. Neither are waiting lists long.

If  you want to apply, your American-citizen spouse (your "sponsor") is  required to fill out and submit Form I-130 to USCIS and show evidence  that your wedding is recognized legally such as a marriage certificate

and also prove that the relationship is authentic, such as jointly bank accounts, photos together.

USCIS could issue the USCIS with a Request for Additional Evidence in the event that the adjudicator does not believe they have the necessary details

After  you have received the I-130 is accepted, you can proceed to applying  for a green card process, the procedure for which will be based on  whether you're applying inside the US or outside the US.

Green  card applications for in-country travel can be submitted by submitting a  request to alter your status with the help of the form I-485.