Media  attention to how the US visa status for the UK Minister for the  Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, highlights important aspects of how to possess  or to not have the US green Card.

In the event that you've obtained legal permanent residency within the United States, also known as getting a green card,

it  gives you a variety of important rights, however, it's crucial that you  are aware scenarios where your green card may be lost or abandoned

it's  essential to know your responsibilities as a holder of a green card  since there could be situations where you wish to terminate your  obligations as the US resident.

Here  we will look at the rights and obligations with regard to the  possession of the green card. This is from the time US permanent  residence may be lost or canceled.

Green card holders are granted that you'll be granted several new rights as an US permanently resident. As a green card holder, under the regulations, you'll be granted the ability to:

– reside forever and own property within the United States  – perform any lawful task of your certification and choosing

– Join some sections of the US to join certain branches of the US army  – Apply for a driver's license for your region or in the state of your residence.

– You can receive benefits from social security, in the event that you're eligible this.  – Request visas for your spouse and children to reside in the US

– travel within as well as out of US subject to certain conditions  – You can apply to be you can apply to become a US citizen after you've fulfilled the requirements for eligibilit

Alongside your new rights, becoming an US Permanent Resident also implies you'll have a range of new obligations.

As a green card holder, according to rules, you'll be required to:  – to observe and obey to respect and obey US laws,