Holden Fletcher Fraser was only discovered in the role of the father of Canadian and American actor Brendan Fraser

His birth date was 16 August 2004. The star kid will be 18 as of 2023. While we know that the father of his son is Brendan Fraser,

Looking at his family roots, he is grandchild of Peter Fraser and Carol Fraser. In addition, his great-grandparents are Catherine Mary Genereux and Arthur George Genereux.

Holden isn't enrolled in any school, but there is a possibility that he's studying at an exclusive school.

Holden isn't living with his parents side-by-side simultaneously He has a wonderful relationship with both his parents. 

Every day when he isn't visiting his dad. That's right dad could put himself in danger of dying in the event of the life of his children.

When Holden was four and his older brother Griffin 6 and the smallest Leland two and a half years older didn't enjoy the work of their father.

There was always lot of enjoyable moment for Brendan to instruct his kids. However, they were always in awe, and then they began to dislike their dad's job.