A legal permanent resident is someone who is legally authorized to work and live within the United States indefinitely.

Permanent residents receive what's called the green Card which is a photograph ID card which proves their status. It's officially referred to as the US permanent residence card.

As  a holders of an US permanent residence card,, you are also entitled to  petition your close family members, including your spouse as well as any  not married children

for an award of permanent residency for them to be a part of your life in the United States.  As permanent residents, you be a citizen of another nation.

whenever  you travel outside of the United States you must carry the passport of  the country you are visiting along with you and also you US Permanent  resident's card .

You are also required to show your resident card for re-entry into the USA.  US immigration laws offer various ways applicants can apply to get the US Permanent resident visa

you'll  have to be sponsored to get the resident card by your family that is  already inside the United States or by a US employer.

For instance you could be eligible to apply for the card as an immediate parent of the US citizen, for example, an unmarried spouse or unmarried child who is under 21.

You could also be eligible as a spouse of a lawful permanent resident, under one of the categories of family-based preference.

The steps you need to take to apply for the US Permanent Resident card can differ based on your specific circumstance.

The  majority of applicants for the resident card will have to fill out two  forms such as an immigrant petition and the green card application (Form  I-485).)

The  most popular forms include Form I-130 Petitions for Alien Relations as  well as Form I-140, Immigration Petition for an alien worker

Once USCIS approves the petition for immigrant status after which you will be required to submit the visa request.