The  US is a top destination for UK citizens who want to move and, with more  than 50 states the US has plenty of options for everyone, and job  opportunities are abundant.

If  you're looking to relocate to an US branch of your existing firm, begin  an entirely new job, or start your own business with America, there are many immigration options .

When you are ready to leave your home in United Kingdom you must apply for the proper visa to enter in the United States.

There  are two types of visas for US citizens. US Work and Business visas have  distinct specifications and you'll need to determine which is the best  choice for you

If you are a citizen in the United Kingdom, you may not require a visa to travel to into the United States. due to the fact that it is the case that UK participates in the US Visa Waiver Program

It permits British residents traveling to United States for tourism or for business purposes. Although you can travel to into the USA in the USA without visa through this method

Visa  waiver programs permits entry into the US for as long as 90 days  without the need for a visa. If you plan to stay longer, you'll need to  apply for a different type of US visa.

If  you plan to visit the US for work purposes or for business reasons that  are that are not covered by Visa waiver programs then you'll need to  submit an application for one of US work visas

There are various types of work visas that are available to British citizens who want for work visas in the US

The US work visas are:  – H1B Visa - Specialty workers  – H2B Visa - Temporary workers  – H3 Visa Visitors from Exchange

– 01 Visa for individuals who have exceptional ability  – I Visa Journalists and media professionals  – L1 Visa - Transfers within the company 

– P1 Visa - International athletes  – P3 Visa - entertainers and artists  – the R1 Visa - - Religious professionals  – E1 Visa - Offers trader's a treat

The most commonly used US working visa that is available to British Citizens is called the H1B Visa for those who are special.