Ernest Khalimov , You must have seen the "Gigachad” memes if you're a meme lover

After his viral post about his muscular body on social media, many people doubted that Gigachad was a person.

Ernest Khalimov, a Russian bodybuilder and model, is best known as Gigachad.

Ernest was born in Russia on March 1, 1969. He will be 53 years old in 2023.

Ernest is Russian and has been exploring his career within his country.

Many people believe that Khalimov is from Turkey, while others believe that he is Azerbaijani. 

After the Gigachad memes became popular, this was the most frequently asked question. Many believed the photos had been photoshopped for business purposes.

One tweet by Mark Meechan (a Scottish YouTuber) in April 2020 added a twist. Dankula seemed shocked to discover the truth about Gigachad.