If  you're a non-US citizen who plans to get married in the USA  make sure you have the appropriate permit to  enter the US to the point of being married

 or an  American citizen who is marrying to a US citizens in their country of  origin It is essential to make sure you have the appropriate permit to  enter the US to the point of being married

In  the event that you and your partner are not US citizens and want to  travel to the USA to tie the knot you can get tourist status to do so.

If you're a citizen from one of these Visa Waiver nations you may make an application for ESTA permission in order to visit that country without having to get the visa.

Visa-free travel is permitted for trips up to 90 days . allowed activities include weddings and even tourism (honeymooning).

If you're ESTA application is denied or you are not eligible for the ESTA it is possible to apply for a B-2 visa

You are not able to apply to be married and remain in the US indefinitely with or under the VWP or B-2 visa. If you're traveling under the VWP or B-2 visa

one  of the primary condition you must provide in the application (and  likely at the border if you are confronted by immigration authorities)

If  you're planning to get wedding in the USA to an US citizen but are not a  citizen of the United States, you could be eligible to stay in the US  with your partner after the wedding ceremony

It is important to ensure that you've submitted the proper immigration application to obtain legal recognition in US.

If  you have a visa K1 you are able to enter the US to be married marriage  and then change your status so that you can remain in the US with your  spouse once your marriage.

visa  K-1 when you have had the pleasure of meeting your US partner in  personal in the last two years, and you plan to get married within 90  days of the visa's issue