Jenna Ortega is an actress with a brunette face. This has caused confusion among many viewers of Wednesday

The piece below will give you a deeper look into her ethnicity and reveal her true ancestry. Find out if Ortega really is White.

Ortega isn’t white; she is anything other than of North European descent. Instead, the 20-year old actress has ethnicities , including Puerto Rican and Mexican.

While she is of the father's line, her mother's ancestry gives her the latter. Jenna's mom is also part Mexican.

Jenna Ortega is 75 percent Mexican and 25% Puerto Rican. One of her stories was that her great-maternal grandmother, Sinaloa, Mexico, emigrated from a small ranch.

Jenna Ortega claims that her great-grandmother came to the US illegally to seek a better life for her four daughters.

Jenna Ortega's great grandmother wanted them to be fluent in English so they wouldn't attract attention or face deportation.

Jenna Ortega's dad was Puerto Rican. When he was still a baby, he moved to New York City with his family.