On  Saturday, the franchise's cornerstone was honored with a place  alongside the greats of the game. It was long overdue and well deserved.

Tony Boselli is Jacksonville's adopted child and the Jaguars' first Pro Football Hall of Famer

Boselli  was inshrined in Canton in Ohio on Saturday. He used his time at the  podium in order to thank everyone from his college and high school  coaches , local media

Boselli also chanted the Duuuvalll chant near the end. Boselli's powerful words remained the same throughout.

Boselli  was accompanied by his wife, Angi and five children on the front row.  Former teammates and coaches were scattered around the crowd. Jaguars  owner Shad Khan was also present.

My football career wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family in my early years. Boselli stated that he is not standing in front you right now.

But as a child, when everyone loves you unconditionally, everything was possible. So I set the bar very high. Perhaps a little too high.

Boselli  stated that he wanted to become a quarterback as a child, but that was  overturned by coach Sam Pagano at Fairview High School.

Boselli stated that his family was the glue that kept the family together throughout his life. Boselli was a big brother and learned a lot from his siblings.

His extended family made his childhood even better, even though his parents split when he was young.