Non-US citizens can begin or invest in American-based companies, provided that they are granted the appropriate visa.

The US offers a range of visas to entrepreneurs who want to set up or buy into an U.S.-based company. They include:

Short term visas   – E-2 Visa to investors  – E-1 Visa to treaty-bound traders  – O-1 Visa is available to those who have  extraordinary capabilities or accomplishments

Green cards for permanent employment   – Visa for EB-5 to investors  – Visa EB-1: for those who have extraordinary talent or accomplishment

The  E-1 visa permits citizens of a nation that is a signatory to a treaty  travel to in the United States solely to engage in international  commerce in their personal capacity.

the  person applying must be a resident of a nation with which the US is a  party to an agreement for navigation and commerce, or a an international  agreement with a qualifying status

The  applicant should also be in the US only to conduct commerce of a  significant nature, that is of an internationally oriented, and that is  primarily with and between the US

E-2  Visa is available open to citizens of a treaty nation that is, in this  instance, to travel to in the United States when investing in the  operation of a US business.

Contrary  in contrast to E-2 visa the EB-5 visa offers an option that is more  durable which allows investors from overseas to gain US permanent  residence.

it will require a higher minimum investment of at minimum $500,000 in a brand newly established or a US firm

the possibility of creating or keep the possibility of ten permanent full-time jobs for competent US employees.

A  substitute for the E-classification and only for a small portion of  people who have extraordinary abilities or accomplishments in their  chosen area