If you keep these foods in your daily meal , you will imporve your power in Bed.  you want to take care of your body, you should keep some special foods in your diet

Physical strength decreases with age Similarly decreased sexual power Sexual desire decreases drastically

Eating bananas increases the excitement of men. It's funny but true. Banana not only increases nutrition, sexual desire is intensified.

Chocolate increases love. You can also make your lover happy by gifting chocolates.

Strawberries increase sexual arousal. Timing lighting, melodious piano, beautiful atmosphere and red tuk-tuk in a glass bowl will set the mood.

যাঁরা ৩০ পার করেও যৌন কামনায় নিজেকে নিমজ্জিত রাখেন, তাঁদের রোজ ডিম খাওয়া উচিৎ।

Eat broccoli to increase the flow of blood in the body during special moments.

Eating cloves removes bad breath, any beauty can be attracted to kiss., you can use this harbal

Lettuce salad helps activate sex hormones. ,you can use  this harbal

Must eat ginger to increase sexual arousal. you can use  this harbal