The  L1 visa permits multinational businesses to move key employees into  America. US to work for an affiliate or subsidiary of the company branch

Before  an employee is able to apply for the L1 visa, the employer must submit  an L1 visa application to US Citizenship and Immigration Services  (USCIS) on behalf of the employee.

The petitioner could be an US company or an international firm.  Global businesses that require multiple transfer to the US could be eligible for the "Blanket L petition.

The  Blanket L serves as a permanent evidence of a company's qualified  relationship, allowing for a speedier transfer of qualified employees  under the L1 classification.

In both cases that you apply for the L1 visa as well as the L1 Blanket Visa, after acceptance of the application by USCIS

the applicant is invited to participate in an interview for visas at an US consular post located outside of the US.

Errors  or issues at any time within the application may result in delays or  refusing to submit the application. This can cause disruption to the  business plan and processes.

Which are L-1A, L-1B classifications?   There are additional requirements for those L-1A and L-1B classifications.

They specify eligibility criteria as well as the requirements that must be fulfilled to be eligible in the L-1 visa.

What is the criteria for determining eligibility for transferees of L1?   An employee might be qualified to apply for an L-1 visa if you meet these criteria:

– The  employee must perform an 'executive, management or specialized  knowledge position in the US in order to be eligible for a job.

The  employee was employed in another country by the same employer or by a  parent company branch, affiliate, or subsidiary of it as an executive,  managerial or other specialized

If any Companies operating in the US, wants L1 VISA, they  can apply to the relevant USCIS service center for an L1 intracompany transfer visa .

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