For  the most ancient of human-made structures of the Americas You don't  have to trek into the wild or wade through a turbulent river. All you  have to do is go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Near  the north-western the northern end of The Louisiana State University's  (LSU) campus are two mounds of grass, rising with a gentle slope,  reaching the height of 20 feet (6 meters)

These  mounds are only two of over 800 mounds that were created by humans in  Louisiana constructed in the past by Indigenous Americans

Although scientists knew they were ancient but a new study has established how old these structures are.

Researchers  have recently discovered that the mound's oldest is over 11,000 years  old making it the oldest known human-made structure found in North or  South America

"There's  no evidence that suggests it's human-made, and it's remains in the  Americas with the exception of mounds" the study's first writer Brooks  Ellwood,

In these cores, researchers discovered layers of ash and clay from burned reeds and cane plants, as small bones from animals.

Since  the flames of cane and reed are not hot enough to heat with The  researchers believe that the mounds were erected to be used to perform  rituals or religious purposes.

Both mounds aren't of identical in age. Mound B is located in towards the north of Mound A is older than Mound B.

Utilizing the radiocarbon method of dating which determines the amount of radioactive element carbon-14 has degraded in organic matter,

scientists discovered it was Mound B is about 11,000 years old, and Mound A is about 7500 years older